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Pilates Collection

Announcing an exciting new collection of products specifically formulated to support and enhance the art of Pilates.

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Wild Woozle's Pilates Collection
Power House Firming Lotion
nourishing hemp oil lotion with botanical actives and essential oils that have been shown to boost circulation and visibly firm and tone the skin, enhanced with an energizing, all natural citrus and ginger fragrance
88% Organic and Paraben-free!!

Available in 8.5 fl oz bottles (with pump), $19.50     Order

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Joe's Beach Scrubbing Grains
a unique face and body antioxidant exfoliant crafted from all-natural ingredients, including organic sugar, sandalwood powder, green tea, honey, oatmeal, and rice bran with a propriety blend of essential oils with a light, fresh scent

Available in 8 ounce bottles, $17.50

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Flow Body Wash
luxurious cleansing gel, enriched with aloe and carefully selected essential oils, designed to induce bliss, in a scent of sweet orange, chamomile and wild sage

Available in 8 ounce bottles, $12.50

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Centering Massage Oil
healing and balancing body oil with exotic and nourishing oils, including organic arnica-infused oil, passion fruit seed oil, and Tahitian tamanu with a select formulation of pure essential oils

Available in 2 ounce bottles, $11.99

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Breath Fizzy Bath Powder
effervescent attitude adjustment with soothing salts, skin-softening milk, botanical extracts and an uplifting and soothing blend of essential oils

Available in 11 oz jars, with a scoop, $9.75

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Connection Concentration Balm
a pulse point aromatherapy experience designed to enhance your Pilates focus, formulated with cocoa butter, coconut butter, and purposefully chosen essential oils

Available in 1/3 ounce tins, $6.99

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Pilates Collection

Power House Firming lotion, 8.5 oz   Centering Massage Oil, 2 fl oz
Flow Body wash, 8.5 oz Connection Concentration Balm, .33 oz
Joes Beach Scrubbing Grains, 8.5 oz Breath Fizzy Bath Powder
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